There’s a post about the alligator snapping turtle going around and the guy in the picture has an uncanny resemblance to the sniper.


All Good Things…


There’s no gentle way to say this, so I’ll hit you with the brick straight off: Not Medicine and Ask RED or BLU Medics (the Joe and Dom side, anyway), as we know them, are over.

Now that I’ve hit you with that, please understand that they’re not going out on a bad note. I haven’t grown to hate them or the characters - on the contrary, I still utterly love the characters, and that’s exactly why I’m deciding to set the comics down. I don’t want to grow to hate them by forcing myself to make more comics when it’s no longer as enjoyable to me as it used to be.

For the long, more thorough explanation (which I’m hoping everyone will read, but I didn’t want to have a really big post clogging your dash), check the cut.

If you’d rather just scroll past, then let me say that I’ve very much enjoyed making everyone laugh as much as I have, I greatly appreciate all your comments, critiques and asks, and I’m very grateful for all 753 of my followers. I hate to let you guys down by deciding to stop, but I have simply gotten to the point where I want to move on to other things.

Thanks so much for reading, guys. I’ve had a very fun year doing these comics and I hope you’re not too disappointed. Andy and Kaiser will live happily ever after, as will Joe and Dom. I’m probably going to be roleplaying the characters in games for a long time. So don’t worry about the characters! They’re going to go on doing what they love to do, they simply won’t have the cameras rolling on them anymore.

Note: I’m not closing down the tumblr account, so don’t worry about that! I also plan to make a central list of links to all the comics I’ve made so you can find them more easily. Read on for more explanation and thoughts.

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How do you guys feel about fanmixes? >u> I think Joe likes old-time rock and roll, but what does Hank like to listen to?

Hank: I listen to everyzhing from Elvis to Zhe Rippingtons, but 80´s rock ‘n’ roll never gets old.

((I know it's a belated comment, but I think I'm in love with Hank's hair))

BLU MOD: *snickers* xP

I've been reading this blog too long if the first thing I think of when I see Hank's hair is it and a comb having a fistfight.

Hank: *snerk* Ja, my hair has gone wild.

Hank: Dorkiest of zhem all.

Hank: Dorkiest of zhem all.

Joe’s WoW character
~I Like The Way You Move~
TF2 steampunk model pack for SFM
Which Medic is the battle medic?

BLU: It vas said earlier….sort of. I am more often svinging a saw zhan Joe. He sticks to zhe healing.

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now do the Carlton 

Why is there no more comics ;~;

Shhhh, don’t worry. There will be more comics. I’ve just been playing a lot of WoW (and working on Not Medicine a bit) and Femgie has been devoting time to Crossing Zhe Streams.

We haven’t forgotten about Joe and Hank!